Cleaner Lagos Initiative hosts environmentalists to restate commitment to healthier, safer Lagos




As part of efforts to further explain and familiarize stakeholders with the plans and technicalities outlined by the Lagos State Government to effectively manage solid waste in the state, private enterprises and environmentalists who promote recycling were hosted to a breakfast session by the Cleaner Lagos Initiative (CLI).

The interactive forum which held at Ikeja on Tuesday, December 12, 2017, provided an opportunity for CLI to shed light on issues that were misunderstood by many Lagosians, while it also enabled the stakeholders to understand the practical approach as well as factors they could contribute to the success of the initiative.

In response to queries by the stakeholders on the immediate action of the government in dealing with heaps of waste dotting different parts of Lagos, it was explained that Visionscape had been carrying out regular deep clean activities across the state in a bid to drastically reduce waste in black spot areas while also ensuring that the waste bins located across the state were promptly emptied.

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