Cleaner Lagos Initiative: We are doing the Best we can, what are you doing?

Sumn just happened right now and I am very very hangry. This woman was just carrying big black bag this evening and I sinzerely thought she just got back from grocery shopping honezzly, the bag was so big, I was perplexed that shey people have started to do Christmas shopping so early ni?, they should give us time to gather small money nau, please it’s not a competition o jare.

My people, I cannot even make this one up, the next minute, she has looked left and right as if she was crossing express, her eyes shining like ‘thief man’ torch… but it was middle of street, so I just dey watch with keen surprise as Oyinbo man take talk am.

Waaawuuu, the next thing, she dumped the full bag on the ground and walked away innocently, I was shooketh in my inside, apostle must hear this!

Well, I wanted to go and carry the bag and give her back because I am a good person, but then I realize that someone cannot coman leave something important like that in the middle of the street and go away, something must be up… as I waka near am, the bag dey smell like say tomorrow no dey!!!! Na me play myself…

Are you mad? Are you even mad? May God not dump your blessing inside gutter or in the middle of the street! Are you mad? What is strong with you?

Why we dey do like this? Why we no dey respect our environment, wetin our environment do us? this our Lagos, na we get am o, nobody go maintain am for us if we no join hands together to make Cleaner Lagos a reality.


The matter tire me, but I will end this rant with the wise words of Egbon Olamide “Who do we blame for all the wrong we do to our environment? we blame everything but ourselves for not doing enough to take care of the environment… Kiloshele gan gan?

The Lagos State Government is also hiring and training 27,500 Community Sanitation Workers (CSW) who will be evenly distributed within the 377 wards in the state to sweep the streets of Lagos, distribute over 100,000 new trash cans throughout the city over the next 6 months to make sure trash goes where it belongs, cracking down on illegal dumping, creating new landfills, transfer loading stations, and material recovery facilities.

As much as these efforts are by the Akinwumi Ambode led administration, everyone needs to contribute their part to complement these efforts and make it an all-round success; A Cleaner Lagos is possible.

Let’s quit the blame game, let’s do more than just talk and pointing fingers to create a Lagos state that we can all be collectively proud of.


To see more of what the Lagos state Government is doing for a Cleaner Lagos, visit, call 08139840260 or our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. Ifeanyi ezeobi-Reply
    December 23, 2017 at 3:21 pm

    How can I get this your Dustin can, is beautiful, my church needs it so as to compliment what we have, but not usually enough.

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