Cleaner Lagos WCO Feature: WasteCare Solutions Limited

The megacity of Lagos needs proper infrastructure to handle the capacity of waste that it generates daily.  A lot of sustainable companies have taken on the task of making the environment a better place while making profit.  We wanted to showcase companies doing impressive work in the sustainability sector in a megacity like Lagos and Waste Care Solutions Limited stood out after we heard all the amazing work that they’re doing in the state.

Waste Care Solutions Limited is a company tasked with the responsibility of cleaning the roads and major highways (which they do using their Mechanized Sweeping trucks) under the Cleaner Lagos Initiative.  

They began operations in Nigeria in 2011 by supplying waste bins to some of the largest cities in Nigeria and they consult for the Government at its various levels.  


Using Mechanized Sweeping Machines improves the quality of the environment as it prevents manual sweeping (which can be dangerous as the workers are expected to sweep roads).   

The Mechanized Sweeping Trucks also prevent storm water pollution because they reduce the amount of pollutants that go into our water bodies and keeps drains clear. Keeping storm drains clear of dirty particles like sediment, petroleum products, trash, metals, bacteria, and vegetation that accumulate on the roads not only help mitigate water pollution but also reduces the likelihood of flooding during heavy rains.  

The benefits of these Mechanised Sweeping Machines easily makes Waste Care one of our favourite sustainable companies in Lagos state! 

Look out for these trucks from Waste Care; they are responsible for keeping major highways like the Third Mainland Bridge clean and litter-free.  



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