Lagos State: It’s ours, let’s do better for #ACleanerLagos

Biola the Slay queen, gown on point, cut to shape, highlighting every curve possible, makeup on fleek, snapchat never gets the last of it, your fingers always on the red button as you pepper them on a regular, you are not even showing mercy on the salivating brothers, we are even begging them to pick up the jaws they dropped.

Biola Biola, how many times did I call you? I see you that day for Obalende, because of N400 Taxi you enter with that “Uche” app, you chow sausage roll, fling the wrapper for gutter, you hide that empty soft drink plastic under the taxi seat, bottle water nko? You fling pass your window? FUNKEEEEE!!!!!


You don’t think something is wrong with how you think? Why do you think you can slay at the expense of the Cleaner Lagos we are trying to build? TUEH!!!!

Tunji the big boy, Tunji for the girls dem, beard gang, perfume to kill, looks so sharp, the girls want to chop you, they don’t even mind giving you the ring. I don’t want to “hexpose” you o, make we even leave matter say na danfo you dey jump go Lekki Phase 1, you chow groundnut, you lick orange, you chop that new wafers biscuit wey everybody dey die for, you even wash am down with soft drink, nna no shaking, carry go. You know where I vex, you dump the trash inside gutter, is it fair? Is that how you used to do?

This is Our Lagos, Na we get am. A Cleaner Lagos is indeed the responsibility of all of us, it really is in the little things; use only designated waste management systems, don’t litter, realize that our drainage systems are not trash bins, be a responsible Lagosian and be a conscious advocate of our environment.

Illegally dumping waste creates a bigger problem that we all must suffer. While it is easier to point fingers and act saintly like we haven’t caused a fair share of the damage, it is smarter to assume responsibility to contribute our quota for a cleaner Lagos.


Let’s create a Cleaner Lagos that we can take selfies anywhere and not have to crop off illegal dump sites.

Let’s create a Lagos that we can walk past streets and not block our nostrils from pungent smells.

Let’s create a collective Legacy that we can all be proud of, such that when you hear “Itesiwaju Eko, Lo je wa l’ogun” it means something deeply within and you can truly be proud that you have been a part of the progress.


Let us do better for a Cleaner Lagos, Let the environment slay too!  Click here For more on what Lagos state is doing for a Cleaner Lagos, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  or call 08139840260 to stay updated with the Cleaner Lagos Initiative.

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