Cleaner Lagos Initiative: Approaching Lagos state’s waste problem head-on


Ah yes. Waste, that beautiful smell as you drive by huge dumps in densely populated areas in Lagos, or around the highbrow areas when it rains or even worse the ones along the coast line… That eye candy, doesn’t it just make you feel like having Ice Cream and Pizza!


Waste, That problem everyone solves by pushing it farther away till we don’t see or smell anything! Isn’t it amazing, we dump it in the gutters and create illegal dumps so we don’t have to deal with it, We just love to push a problem into another human’s jurisdiction, don’t we just enjoy avoiding responsibility.


It’s more than just getting 100,000 new dustbins and hiring 27, 500 new Community Sanitation Workers that will in turn provide 40,000 indirect jobs, or commissioning environmental companies like Visionscape and others to create new infrastructure and manage our waste problem like the Lagos State Government has done, the bigger and harder problem is changing the lazy behavior towards wastes of over 21 million Lagosians.


It’s easier to control this problem at the root – at the household level, than at the city level. We need more Lagosians to be responsible about the environment; find a bin rather than dump anywhere you find, create the awareness that there is no Lagos Plan B and that we are directly responsible for our actions. We have to realise that when the consequences of our actions come in the form of floods, health problems and clogged drainages, let’s point the fingers back to ourselves.


The more we keep considering the problem as the Government’s, the more we frustrate efforts at creating a world class megacity with evolved waste management practices and systems. Let’s move forward at once, aren’t we all tired of this one step forward, a dozen steps backward approach to waste management?


Waste management is everyone’s responsibility, Let’s do more than just talk, let’s complement the efforts of the Akinwumi Ambode Led Administration’s Cleaner Lagos Initiative. Visit to see the efforts put forward to create the Lagos state of our dreams.


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