The Public Utility Levy

The Public Utility Levy

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Established as a funding mechanism to aid in the tackling of crucial environmental issues and the implementation of the CLEANER LAGOS INITIATIVE.

(Drainage remediation, drainage alignment, drainage construction, residential & street sweeping collections, The Ward Street Sweepers management, labour supply, drainage management, and equipment replacement).  Environmental issues such as erosion, poisoning of ground water, educational and training initiatives for recycling and sustainability efforts etc.

The Trust Fund will be primarily funded by government and the Public Utilities Levy.

The Public Utilities Levy (PUL) is a property-based charge, payable by property occupants for the management of solid & liquid waste, wastewater and environmental intervention for Lagos State.

  • PUL funds will be managed independently in a trustee account (ENVIRONMENTAL TRUST FUND) and will only be used to support public utilities (water projects, integrated waste management services, comprehensive sewage and waste water treatment)
  • Full transparency and accountability of funds utilization by SEC regulated trustees with minimal intervention from the government.
  • The PUL is NOT a TAX.
  • PUL will REPLACE all service fees/payments paid to LAWMA/PSP operators.
  • Paying the PUL is a civic duty that will aid in the improvement of utility services provided by the State.

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