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TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: The list below contains the names and license details of approved companies who will commence operations as commercial Waste Collection Operators under the Cleaner Lagos Initiative.   WCOs, organizations, and the general public should kindly direct all questions, complaints and related issues to info@cleanerlagos.org Signed, Cleaner Lagos Initiative.


Cleaner Lagos WCO Feature: WasteCare Solutions Limited

The megacity of Lagos needs proper infrastructure to handle the capacity of waste that it generates daily.  A lot of sustainable companies have taken on the task of making the environment a better place while making profit.  We wanted to showcase companies doing impressive work in the sustainability sector in a megacity like Lagos and Waste Care Solutions Limited stood

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Cleaner Lagos Initiative Empowers Deaf Dumb And Physically Challenged Individuals

  About 600 differently-abled people were registered and trained as Community Sanitation Workers at the ongoing kitting exercise in Agidingbi Ikeja this week. One of the CSWs, a deaf man who gave his name only as Taiye, expressed excitement about the Initiative, and thanked the Lagos State Government for empowering both crippled, deaf and dumb citizens who were previously viewed

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Cleaner Lagos commences registration and kitting of 27,500 Community Sanitation Workers

  As the Cleaner Lagos Initiative prepares to launch in December 2017, 27,500 Community Sanitation Workers employed by the Lagos State Government have commenced training, registration, and sizing for their new outfits at Agidingbi, Ikeja.                 These Community Sanitation Workers will earn a tax-free sum of 18,500 Naira monthly along with health subsidy,

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Cleaner Lagos Initiative meets with Ward Resident Contractors

  On the 6th of November 2017, Ward Resident Contractors under the Cleaner Lagos Initiative were invited to a stakeholders meeting at NECA House, Alausa-Ikeja. Ward Resident Contractors are charged with overseeing the Community Sanitation Workers assigned to their wards in Local Government Areas across Lagos State. Under the Cleaner Lagos Initiative, the Community Sanitation Workers will earn a tax-free

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