Ahead of the launch of the Cleaner Lagos Initiative, a recertification exercise aimed at investigating and inspecting the functionality of Waste Collection Operators compactors was held.

The exercise which was carried out at the LAWMA headquarters, Otto Rd. Ijora and at various landfills across the state, spanned from the 10th -24th of July 2017, and was aimed at evaluating the capability of the afore  mentioned WCOs as commercial waste collection operators.

The recertification exercise team comprised of representatives from the Ministry of Environment, engineers from Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA), and representatives from SWM SOLUTIONS.


The inspection protocol involved mandatory steps such as the confirmation of WCO name on the approved list, name of WCO filled out on evaluation sheet and consultant’s signature before being handed over to the engineer.

Upon completion of inspection by the engineers, a representative from the Ministry of Environment verified forms and submitted them to the SWM team. Pictures of the compactors inspected were then taken, followed by attestation forms which were filled out and given to a representative of the WCO.

Compactors were assessed based on their General condition, Tires, and Electrical (10 points each), Vehicle performance and Mechanical Inspection (25 points each), and finally, Hydraulic inspection for 20 points, making a total of 100 points.

At the end of the exercise, a total of FIVE HUNDRED AND NINETY SEVEN (597VC) compactors were recorded and inspected from 212 WCO’S. The exercise was executed professionally and efficiently by the team and was certified free of bias and discrimination.

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