by Sarah Qamar

Under the new Consolidated Environmental Management and Protection Law 2017 (Environmental Law) and by virtue of Section 78, Part III, all “Commercial and Industrial Waste generators shall deal directly with the Approved Waste Collection Operators on a contract basis”. It is pertinent to note also that pursuant to Section 80 of the Environmental Management and Protection Law 2017, all generators of various categories of Solid Waste are required to ensure these solid waste are disposed through an approved Waste Collection Operator (WCO) with a Waste Operator’s License valid for a 24-month period.

The CLI will work with WCO in order to meet the State’s environmental goals. All WCO organisations are henceforth required to maintain a valid Client Operator Contract Agreement (COCA) with a Licensed Private Waste Operator as verification of this Agreement will be undertaken by the designated Enforcing Authority as prescribed under the Law. WCO operators are also expected to adhere to the new contravention clauses.

You are at liberty to contract business with any of the Licensed Waste Collection Operators within your zone(s) of operation. We look forward to a cleaner, safer, and more prosperous Lagos and hope you partner with us in the journey as a responsible corporate citizen.

Please contact commercial@cleanerlagos.org for any enquiries and visit www.pumau.org.ng for more information.